age: 20
height: 5’4”
SW: 143 (3/10/19)
CW: 115.5 (6/30/19)

My name is Claire. i started the Snake Diet on March 11 & lost 27 pounds. it started with me messaging Cole a question, & ended up with my pictures on a facebook page with 200k people & Cole as my coach. it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me & i don’t know where i’d be without this. i’ve gone through 20 years of my life with no true direction, positivity, or love for myself. i’ve had poor health & chronic pain for forever. i’ve struggled since i was 11 with severe mental disorders, & tried to kill myself when i was 15. i was lost for the longest time. i hit one of my lowest points at the end of 2018, when i was on opioids after a failed surgery. i was sick, depressed, gaining weight, addicted to many things, self-destructing, & ready to give up. & then i asked for a sign. & what i got was more profound than i ever could have imagined. i learned about fasting. i learned about the power of nature & the lies of the world & the truths of life. i got the idea to start a youtube & began planning. i found out that my little brother, who has struggled just as much as me, had fully taught himself to make music, & i began writing and recording songs. i dropped out of school to chase my dreams. i found things i was never capable of having before; drive, purpose, love for myself. & i found Cole. i have done 96s on SJ, a 72 dry fast, many 48s on SJ, dry routines, & am now on 24s. it has been a physical journey, but most of all it has been a mental & spiritual journey. & it is only just beginning. i wish i could put into words how grateful i am for Cole & his selflessness & what he does for healthcare, weight loss, & all of us. he is a beautiful person & has done more than he knows for me. he made me start a fast when i wasn’t ready. he made me post my first youtube video when i wasn’t ready. he made me make this post when i am not ready. never wait until you are ready. the purpose of your life will not wait until you are ready. if you’re considering starting, get off your ass & face your fears. make your life worth living. if i can do it, anyone can.