F. A. Q.

Is Fasting Safe?

Yes. It is safe and natural as long as you follow the Snake Diet protocols, drink the Snake Juice and do a periodic self-check. By asking yourself the simple question: “How do I feel?” You can gauge whether you should continue a fast, or break for a re-feed.

Will Fasting put me Into Starvation Mode?

No. This is a common misunderstanding about what the body does during a fast. The human body was designed to endure prolonged fasting periods and studies have shown that fasting actually increase your basal metabolic rate.

Won't Fasting Burn Muscle?

No. When you fast the body first uses glycogen as glucose for energy. After that the body breaks down fat and converts it to energy.

Isn't Fasting the Same as a Calorie Reduction Diet?

No. The Snake Diet focuses on the duration between feeds. The Snake Diet addresses the question about when you eat. Calorie reduction diets are food-focused diets that focus on what you are eating. These are two very different concepts and trigger different bodily reactions.

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