Ht: 5’5″
SW: 240 lbs
CW: 125.8 lbs
GW: 110 lbs + get ripped

Hi my name is Sara, and I started the snake diet almost a year ago (4/15/18) after findind Cole on YouTube.The first fast I did was 21 days on snake juice followed by 2 days of refeed and then another 15 days of fasting. I continued with fasts that would last an average of 7-15 days for about 5-6 months. When the fat supply got low, fasting became harder, so I switched to 48’s and 72’s.
I also did many dry fasts, the longest being 4 days. Aside from losing weight, I no longer have high blood pressure, painful periods, or tonsil stones. I’m able to finally start LIVING thanks to Cole!