Snake Diet - Getting Started


The Snake Diet is a fasting focused lifestyle that promotes proactive eating. Let’s take a moment to unpack this for you. When we talk fasting we mean totally abstaining from food or consuming calories. During fasting periods the only thing being consumed is Snake Juice. Being in a fasted state is the only way to access the fat stores around your body. You are literally a walking buffet and it is through fasting that fat is broken down and metabolized by the body.

So what about eating? The Snake Diet promotes proactive eating. Proactive eating refers to intentional and deliberate eating windows. The Snake Diet feeding window is a tight 1-2 hrs. The Snake Diet is a results based diet. We promote fasting protocols that result in fat loss, followed by a maintenance routine to sustain your goal weight.

How it Works

The Snake Diet takes an evolutionary approach to eating. Since the beginning human food sources have been inconsistent. As a result the human body has made hormonal adaptations to survive in an environment of food scarcity.

When you eat more food than you can readily expend the excess energy is stored away for later use. When we eat our insulin levels increase and help to store energy in two ways. Sugars form long chains and are stored as glycogen in the liver. This energy source is for immediate use. There is limited storage space in the liver so; once capacity is reached the liver then begins to turn excess energy into fat to be stored on the body. There is no limit to how much fat can be stored on the body. The catch is that you cannot access the energy stored as fat until you have first depleted the liver of sugars. So, if you continue with high eating frequencies you are keeping your body in a constant fed state your body will continue to get energy from incoming food sources never depleting the liver of sugar and never allowing your body to access the stored fat on your body thereby leading to weight gain.

Being fed all of the time is an unnatural state of being. Humans were built to endure fasting periods. We fast when we sleep and we fast between meals. The discussion is not about whether you should fast or not because you already fast every night when you sleep however, where the Snake Diet challenges mainstream dogma is meal frequency. The Snake Diet turns what you thought about eating on its head by flipping the fasting and feeding equation. Instead of high meal frequencies the Snake Diet promotes extended periods of fasting followed with small windows of feeding.

When you eat is as important if not more important than what you eat. If you do not allow you body to fast you will not access your fat stores, you will continue to gain weight at the very least but more than likely you will end up with any number of health related issues.

Beyond the initial protocols the Snake Diet does not recommend a standard duration of fasting for weight loss because the amount of stored fat varies from person to person but regardless of time spent fasting consumption of Snake Juice is necessary.

Snake Juice is an electrolyte replenishing drink that is natural, cheap and can be made at home (recipe below).

Snake Juice Electrolyte Replenishment

Or, You can Purchase Snake Juice Pre-Packaged Electrolyte Powder

The Routine


During fasting periods you are totally abstaining from any calorie consumption. The only thing being consumed is Snake Juice. Fasting durations vary from person to person. An obese individual can fast for a longer period of time than an individual with a low body fat percentage. The basic Snake Diet fasting protocols are simple: 1. Stop eating 2. Drink Snake Juice 2. Continue for as long as you feel good.


When you re-feed keep it simple. Be consistent with what you are eating you don’t need day-to-day variety. You are changing the way you live so keep it simple, keep it consistent and keep the feeding window tight are key. The Snake Diet promotes deliberate and intentional eating. Don’t eat just because.


Repeat fasting periods followed by tight re-feeds until you are at your optimum weight then begin a maintenance routine of 24hr to 48hr fasts/re-feeds.

Beginning your first snake diet

1. Eat Supper

2. Begin Your First 48 Hour Fast - Stay Occupied and Drink Snake Juice

The first 48 will help you break your food addiction, rid your body of sugars and other toxins and help you get over your fear of fasting. Plan this during a time when you can be less active in case you find yourself dealing with sugar and caffeine withdrawals.

3. Weigh and Record Your Weight the Same Time Each Day

4. Test Your Urine for Ketones the Same Time Each Day

5. Continue Your Usual Daily Activities

6. Feed - Do Not Gorge Yourself


The Snake Diet is like pushing the reset button at the cellular level. Most people have a dysfunctional relationship with food. Habits of over eating are followed by crash diets only to see that weight loss soon becomes weight gain. The Snake Diet is not a weekly, quarterly or monthly ritual but instead it is a training ground for daily self-control.

Weight loss is one obvious benefit of embracing the Snake Diet but there are many other potential benefits:
  • Weight Loss and Fat Loss
  • Reverse Type 2 Diabetes
  • Increased Human Growth Hormone
  • Ramped up Metabolism
  • Skin Tightening
  • Clearer Skin
  • Cellular Cleansing

Side Effects

The most common side effect that you will experience when you initially switch to a fasting focused life is caffeine withdrawal and sugar withdrawal headaches. These pass as you extend your fast and your body cleanses itself. Any other side effects that are typically associated with fasting such as muscle cramps and dizziness do not occur on the Snake Diet as long as you are drinking the Snake Juice to replenish your electrolytes.

Tips For SUccess

Switching to a fasting focused lifestyle can be a huge change for people so to ensure success we have a few tips for you to follow.
  1. Educate, educate, educate. Watch the Snake Diet YouTube channel. We are not going to treat you with kid gloves there is explicit language and we take a no B.S. approach in calling out your poor lifestyle choices. Turning your life around is going to be hard, coddling you and making this easy is not what the Snake Diet is about but if you put in the time and the effort we will be there for you.

  2. Join the Snake Diet Motivation group on Facebook. This is a very large community of supporters who are there to help you with any questions, to cheer you on your journey and to celebrate your successes.

  3. Hold yourself accountable. Post accountability photos on the Snake Diet Motivation group. We know that success increases exponentially when you have publicly declared your goals and posted images. The Snake Diet Motivation group is that safe place to begin your journey and hold yourself accountable.

  4. Take weekly photos of yourself; front, back and side to hold yourself accountable.

  5. Engage, Comment, Like and Share other people’s success stories.